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Federal regulations (34 CFR 668, Subpart E) require all institutions that administer the Title IV program to verify the information and data submitted by students through their FAFSA.  In accordance with federal regulations, Downey Adult School Career and Education Center (DAS) is required to verify and verifies all FAFSA applications which are selected (starred) for Verification by the US Department of Education.  Additionally, all eligibility requirements are also verified for all students upon the  processing of FAFSA applications.  Verified eligibility requirements include, but are not limited to: academic qualifications, citizenship requirements, Selective Service registration, loan history, potential overpayment flags, financial aid need and dependent / independent status.

Moreover, Downey Adult School Career and Education Center is authorized to verify any discrepancies, missing and/or conflicting information which is found on a student’s FAFSA application.  In all instances in which a student application is selected for verification by DAS, the FAA will implement, as they deem appropriate, one of the three Verification Groups (V1 - Standard, V4 - Custom, V5 - Aggregate) to resolve conflicting or missing  information.

Information and forms requested during Verification generally include, but are not limited to, the following: IRS Tax Return Transcripts, copy of W-2 form(s), proof of citizenship, Social Security card, valid government-issued form of identification and/or signed statement indicating untaxed/no-income and benefits.


To view further information regarding the Verification process, please click here.