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No Fees Policy (WIOA Programs)

No fees of any kind are collected from students for participation in the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) Title II (Public Law 113-128) AEFLA programs. At Downey Adult School, no fees are collected for High School Diploma/GED, ABE, ESL, and U.S. Citizenship Preparation. (The United States Immigration Service (USCIS) requires the payment of a processing fee for its Citizenship application (USCIS Form N-400).

Professional Growth (Downey District Classified Employees)

All classified employees of the Downey Unified School District who wish to take Adult School Classes for professional growth credit need to obtain prior approval from the Professional Growth Committee. Contact the Classified Personnel Office, Downey Unified District Office at (562) 904-3500.


All students shall pay a class fee as published in the brochure for fall, winter, spring and summer quarters, except the following:

A $10 discount to students 55 years of age or older applies to all State-funded classes except Lab Fees, Community Education and classes designed for seniors.

Community Education Fee-Based Classes

Because Community Education classes do not receive any State funds, students pay a Class Fee sufficient to cover the direct costs of instruction. Please note that the $10 discount on Class Fees for students 55 years of age and older does not apply to Community Education classes. NO REFUNDS! Students must decide by the end of the first hour of class whether they wish to continue in the class.

Lab Fees

Some classes may require additional fees for supplies, use of equipment, or excess cost of instruction. All students are required to pay the full amount of lab and/or supply fees.

Student ID Pictures

Students receive, and must wear, a Student ID. Students can use their ID for discounts on the bus, at the movies, any business that offers student discounts, or just use it as another form of picture ID. A replacement student ID is $10.00


Downey Adult School (DAS) follows a fair and equitable refund policy for the refund of fees and other institutional charges as adopted by the Commission on Occupational Education.

FOR CTE Programs, when refunds are due, they will be made without requiring a request from the student.

Students requesting a refund must complete a Refund Request Form from the program clerical staff or DAS Front Office.

Once the form is completed and submitted by the student, it is referred to DAS Administration for approval.

Upon approval, the Refund Request Form is sent to the Downey Unified School District Office where the refund is processed. The refund check is then mailed to the student. The process may take up to 45 days.

      Community Education (noted with CE in Catalog).

  1. Full Refunds are given if the class is canceled by DAS.
  2. No refunds on Community ED classes.

      Other Career Enhancement Trimester Classes: BLS, Online Academics, Keyboarding

  1. Refunds requests will be charged a $10.00 processing fee.

      CTE Programs

  1. A CTE student, who initiates a refund from the date of registration, to within 3 days of class start date, will be subject to a $50.00 cancelation fee.
  2. After the 3rd day of class, in addition to the cancelation fee, all program fees will be prorated according to the student’s hours of attendance. Student, who withdraws from their CTE program after the 3rd day and under 60% of the scheduled hours in each payment period for their program, will be refunded 40% of the tuition for that period, only if student has paid in full.
  3. Student who withdraws from their CTE program and has completed over 60% in any payment period will be charged full tuition for that payment period, no refund will be calculated.
  4. Payment periods are half the program hours, for those under 900 hours total.
    1. The CSR program has three payment periods, 450 hours for the first two and the last payment period is 210 hours.
    2. The VN program has four payment periods, 450 for the first two and the last two split the remaining 636 hours, or 318 hours each.

Students who are not paid in full might have a balance owed to DAS after proration has been calculated.

Title IV (Pell Grant) recipients:

  1. If a student receives Federal Student Aid (Pell Grant), the financial aid office is responsible for initiating a Return to Title IV (R2T4) funds calculation upon withdrawal/dismissal.
  2. Federal regulations governing the use of Title IV funds dictate how much of this type of aid a student has “earned” for the period of time attended. Any “unearned” Title IV funds from any payment period must be returned to the Federal Title IV program.
  3. The amount of Title IV funds earned may not fully cover the institutional charges for the payment period.
  4. If a student drops from the program, Title IV funds may have to be returned if they have not been “earned.” If funds are returned, a student must pay the school all money owed for the charges that are not covered due to the return of Title IV funds.
    1. If a student does not pay back any “unearned” money to DAS, DAS will notify the US Department of Education via National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS) that the student is on an Overpayment Status.

Work Source

For students receiving approved funding through a 3rd Party Work Source (i.e. WIOA, DOR, EDD, Worker’s Compensation vouchers, tribal organizations, etc…), the cost of books, uniforms and other miscellaneous class supplies items, are not refundable.

Only course fees will be refunded directly to the agency and not the student. Processing will take up to 45 days from Downey Adult School’s date determined date of withdrawal by the student.

Credit Cards and Checks

Payments made by credit card will refunded by check if partial refund is due. There is a $25.00 fee for all return or canceled checks.

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