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Attention students who may have to be placed on an Administrative Leave of Absence:

Should the circumstances arise that you experience an interruption in attending your externship sites, clinical rotation sites and/or the curriculum of your CTE program requires a certain number and certain types of instructor-supervised lab work and/or practical, hands-on subject matter/training due to the COVID-19 pandemic, DAS will place students on an Administrative Leave of Absence.

How will I know if I will be placed on an Administrative Leave of Absence?

Students who qualify for an Administrative Leave of Absence in accordance with the details above, will be contacted by their respective CTE Program Director to discuss the provisions of the Administrative Leave of Absence.

What do I, the student, need to do for an Administrative Leave of Absence?

Once your Program Director or Department Clerk contacts you, you will need to meet with them to go over the Leave of Absence Filing Form and sign it. You must read it over, sign it and return to your department.

Steps for filing Administrative Leave of Absence:

  1. CTE Program Director determines a student’s need to be placed on Administrative LOA.
  2. CTE Program Director or CTE Program Clerk will contact student and email Administrative Leave Filing Form
  3. Student reviews/meets with CTE staff, receives Filing Form
  4. Student signs Filing Form and returns to DAS staff; form is signed by Program Director and Assistant Principal and filed
  5. Student is placed on Administrative Leave of absence and must return on the date specified on the Filing Form, unless otherwise instructed to return on a different date by CTE Program staff.