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Where are you located?

Our address is : 12340 Woodruff Ave., Downey, CA 90241. On the Northeast corner of Woodruff Ave and Imperial Hwy. exit west off 605 at Imperial Hwy.

Where can I park?

You can park in any of the marked parking spots on campus. All parking is FREE!

How do I enroll in Adult School?

Online – register at:

Walk In – You may register in person with Cash, Check, Money Order, Visa or MasterCard. Come to our front office or report directly to your class.

Downey Adult School
12340 Woodruff Ave.
Downey, CA 90241

When do I pay for the classes?

If you registered:
Online, mail – you can pay with Visa or MasterCard prior to the class starting.
Walk In – you can pay for your class the first night in the classroom or you can come to the front office to preregister prior to the start of classes.
You may register in person. Check or credit card preferred.
Payment is due upon registration. Vocational programs require deposits at time of orientation/ registration.

How old do I have to be to take classes?

You must be an adult, which is any person 18 years or older. You may be a high school student enrolled in the Downey Unified School District with permission from Downey, Warren or Columbus counselors or resident of Downey attending another high school with permission from your counselor.

Do I need to buy books for my classes?

Information on book purchases will be given at the Orientations.

Do you offer payment schedules?

Yes, we do for some of our CTE programs. Payment schedules are provided by each CTE Department.

Should I get my GED or high school diploma?

We recommend that you schedule an appointment with our academic counselor, Brian Ofner, so we can make sure you make an informed decision. Call 562-940-6200 to set up an appointment today.

When are the Assessment tests?

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, assessments tests have been postponed until further notice.

Do you have financial aid?

Federal Financial Aid is available on selected career programs to those who qualify. Please call (562) 940-6215 or email for more information.

What programs qualify for Financial Aid?

Look for the Financial Aid symbol to see what classes are eligible.

Do I need to buy my own (art) supplies?

Most supplies are made available for purchase in the class by the teacher or the teacher will suggest locations where you can purchase supplies.

How do I sign up for VN (LVN)?

Due to the overwhelming demand, we ask all prospective VN students to refer to our web site, Click on “Career Training” then “Vocational Nursing.” Here you will be able to register for one of our VN orientation/ exam dates.

Do you have security?

Downey Adult School has security both day and night along with a police officer Monday thru Friday. In addition, the campus is monitored with a 24-hr surveillance system.

What are the transfer policies at DAS?

Student transfers must be made between programs upon approval by the director/ instructor of the program to which they are transferring.
Any new student enrolling in a DAS CTE program (that accepts transfer students) and wishing to transfer credits for courses completed at a different school must meet the institution’s credit transfer requirements:
The course was taken at an accredited school.
The student received a “C” grade or higher.
The course is approved or meets state license requirements (if applicable).
The DAS Transfer of Credit Policy is published in each program’s Student Orientation Packet.

Do I have to have a certain grade percentage to pass my course?

DAS policy requires students to earn a minimum grade of 75% to pass.
90% and above = A
80% – 89% = B
75% – 79% = C
Grades of 74% or less are failing.

Do you have senior discounts?

There is a $10 discount to students 55 years of age or older. The discount applies to all State funded classes excluding classes designated for seniors.

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