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Requirements for Withdrawals

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A withdrawal is considered “official” if a written request to withdraw is received by the school from the student. If the student cannot submit a written request, they may submit the request by way of mail, email, or fax. The request must be approved by a school official.

  • Official Withdrawals
    • Students formally requests to withdrawal from their CTE program
    • Students must notify DAS in writing, either in person, via fax or email
    • If student is a Title IV recipient, appropriate steps for a R2T4 calculation will commence

A withdrawal is considered to be “unofficial” if written notification is not received by the school from the student, prior to withdrawal from the program.

A student may be subject to Administrative dismissal due to:

  • Administrative Official Dismissal
    • A student may be dismissed for: misconduct or attitude/conduct deemed detrimental in their program; unsatisfactory academic progress; illegal, fraudulent, or life‐threatening action (may be dismissed immediately) poor attendance; issues of assault/harassment; alcohol and drug abuse
    • A student is officially dismissed from the program if he/she failed more than one module OR has reached their CTE program’s “Warnings” 3rd offense.
  • Unofficial Dismissal
    • A student’s violation of CTE program’s attendance program or failure to continue attending scheduled hours at an externship site A student is not available to be reached in spite of specified, documented attempts made via phone calls and email.