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Refund Policy

Downey Adult School – Career & Education Center (DAS) follows a fair and equitable refund policy for the refund of fees and other institutional charges as adopted by the school’s accrediting agency, the Commission on Occupational Education.

Refunds are given if the class is canceled. If the student requests a refund, it must be prior to the third class meeting, whether attended or not.

Student initiated refunds will be assessed a fee of $50 for CTE programs and $10 for all other classes. Students who withdraw from a program between the 3rd day and/or through 60% of the scheduled hours, will also be responsible for the prorated class fee. Students who withdraw from a program having completed over 60% will be responsible for the full class fee, no refund will be calculated. Students requesting a refund must complete a Refund Request Form from the front office. The Refund Request Form is also available here.

Once the form is completed by the student, it must be approved by Administration and processed. The refund check is then mailed to the student. The process may take up to 45 days.

No refunds on Community ED classes.

The full refund policy is available in the main office upon request and also by visiting

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