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Use of Copyrighted Materials

Downey Adult School – Career & Education Center (DAS), respects copyright laws and expects all faculty, staff, and students, to comply with and uphold copyright law. Downey Adult School agrees that any creative material such as written works, films, and recordings are protected by copyright unless specific permission is given to copy it.

District staff and students are expected to maintain the highest ethical standards in using copyrighted materials. When selecting appropriate supplementary instructional materials, it is each staff member’s responsibility to adhere to the provisions of federal copyright laws, Board Policy, and Administrative Regulation (BP 3136.1).

The District shall not be responsible for any violation of copyright laws by its staff or students. If a staff member is uncertain as to whether reproducing or using copyrighted material complies with the law, he/she shall contact the principal for clarification and assistance. At no time shall it be necessary for a District employee to violate copyright laws in order to perform his/her duties (BP 3136.1).

For more detailed information on permitted and prohibited use of copyrighted materials, please refer to: